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Not for nothing but for something, we are already in the middle of MAY!! SERIOUSLY! lol. #Motherday has come and gone and now it's onto Father's Day and #GRADUATIONS. I bet that some of us cannot wait to say good riddance to #2020, am I right?

Speaking of Graduations, who has a graduate at home? I DO! I feel so sad for all of us with

graduates. This is their time to shine and yet there will be special ceremonies to honor them. I must say that in my town in NJ, we were informed that the faculty and teachers are working hard on trying to come up with a special way to celebrate our graduates. I truly appreciate them all for that, #THANKYOU. Being the #crafty #momma that I am, I am putting together a special basket filled with all to goodies my son loves, including gift cards, video games, favorite candy and snacks, handmade card by me ;) and of course, a t-shirt. Thats right a #tshirt to remember his #quarantine graduation. Here is the t-shirt and card that I made for him:

I am a #cricut addict and use it for my business to create these quarantined tees.People like them because they are general. These are the colors of my sons school. Red is fav color. I would love to hear what you guys are doing in your town for your grads to make them feel special. I'm pretty bummed but we must keep our heads up and be thankful to be healthy and with our families and make the best out of everyday. We are stronger together. #CONGRATULATIONS to our Graduating Class of 2020, you survived #coronavirus and that's a big deal too. YOU DID IT! I know we can all agree when I say.........We are so proud of you all! STAY POSITIVE.

oh and if you are interested in a T-shirt for your grad, holler at me..

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