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#superpower What is your Superpower ? Let that sink in a moment? I bet you are at about 4-5 items on your list. We as women have great powers. I read a quote that says "When you admire something about another woman, tell her. Let's get into the habit of lifting each other up". I totally agree. Our voices are all of our superpowers which needs to be heard and through #womenempowerment, we can lift each other up. Let's stop hating on others success. Why not share your successes with others. Whilst on this topic of sharing, please know that I want to help anyone who wants to know about my #DIY #crafts, so please fee free to give me a shout or drop a note. I must say It feels good when others want to #learn how something was made. I think that's a great #compliment. My superpower is to learn, share and grow.

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