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Road Trippin'

Ahhhh...#August-- #Summer Time is in full swing! Beach. Pool. Ice Cream. Outdoor dining. and the best of all #Family #VACATIONS. As I #blog we are on our second road trip. First trip, we drove to Orlando, FL, and did the Disney thing (FUN) and now we are on our way to Baltimore, MD. We are going to catch our #favorite team, #NY #YANKEES vs. Orioles. And of course, what else does a #crafty mom-prenuer do, make #Tshirts !! Check out my #custom made tees..

Mom and Daughter custom t-shirts
Yankee Tee's

Did I mention that we are going with our awesome neighbors on this road trip, so yeah--double the fun and we are both a party of 5, so that's cool :) I can get used to road tripping. Luckily this road trip is only 3 hours-- NJ to Maryland. While my fam chills, I work, a little bit;) Where have you gone on vacation? Do you prefer going to the Caribbean?

Make sure you check out my stories on my IG to check out all the fun places we will go!

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