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New Norm>>>

Why is it that it took this #pandemic to remind us to "Check IN" more frequently with our #family and #friends to make sure they are ok? I have to be honest here and say that I am guilty of not checking in enough. I know that I am not alone in this, right?

Which brings to ask, How are YOU doing? Good, I hope and staying #safe. As for me, its been a real adjustment trying to adapt to this so called, new norm. It has not been easy at all, to say the least. From home schooling to not knowing which is the next scarce product in the supermarket. I don't know about you but my 8 year old has taught me a few things, lol. Naturally we all have a lot going on within our families plus the importance of checking in on our loved ones who are elderly, sick or alone. Believe me when I say that a quick call to check IN will do wonders. We all need to keep in touch for the sake of our sanity. I, for one, feel like we are in the movie #GroundhogDay --ON REPEAT. We must remind ourselves that #stayinghome doesn't mean we are being punished, it means we are #stayingsafe. So remember to take a few minutes to call your family and friends and make sure they are ok. This new norm may actually have a positive after all. It brought us closer to our families and I am ok with that! What about you?

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