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Mission Impossible

Trying to learn something new can be difficult especially when it feels like you must unlearn a previous pattern. Recently my daughter has become a PRO at writing Calligraphy and drawing! When she showed me all her work, I was so proud of her. This beautiful writing style has been around for a long time and ever since I starting crafting, I see it literally everywhere. I know right, where have I been, lol. Of course, I now want to learn Calligraphy! Has anyone tried it ? Currently I am practicing on the wonderful worksheets provided by @howtohandletter which @letterwithtiff brought to my attention. I swear, I feel like I am back in kindergarten trying to write my name, lol. I kinda feel like I have to unlearn how I write now to learn that style. Its definitely not as easy as it looks! I have a new found appreciation for these handwrites. I am a woman with a mission and I don't care how long it takes, I will keep at it. Whatever your mission is, never give up! also go check out #letterwithtiff and #howtohandletter on IG.

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