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Make IT!

Ever since I started tapping into my creative side, I have been thinking a lot about different fun #crafts for kids. A month ago, while I was shopping at the #dollarstore I came across these cute and simple 8x10 #canvas. I thought, while I have my pallet paint party for adults, I need something for the kids to do. So why not have the kids paint on these canvases. It worked out great, then I thought why not offer to host kids canvas paint parties because its always someones birthday....It just so happened that a birthday was coming up in my family and the next thing I know, I was hired to host a paint your own canvas craft activity at my niece's first birthday party. There were a total of 18 kids, 8 boys,10 girls. I created all the #stencils with my amazing #cricutmaker and prepped all the canvases for the kids before the party. It was a success and so I wanted to share how easy it is to make these. First, create your design, (I use design space) then cut the stencil. You will need transfer tape (also sold at the #dollarstore) to place over your stencil so it can lift the stencil to then apply it onto your canvas. I included a mini video (see below). My #cricut tools came in very handy during this project. Once on the canvas, you must ensure it adheres really well then its ready for kids to #paint.

Let me know if you have any questions, I am here to help. Plus feel free to show me what you have worked on:)

The finished Masterpiece, created by my daughter.

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