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Let's Chalk It Out

Before #COVID hit, I decided I wanted to make extra #income and soon after I started seeing posts about Chalk. I became intrigued at the ease of creating beautiful home decor and so I become Chalk Couture Designer.

Im here to give you all the deets on #Chalk. First things first, know this: you can make as little or as much #MONEY as you want. The more effort and time you put in the more you make. Next, this is the easiest #DIY #crafting. ever. You do not need to be an experienced crafter to do this. There is never any weeding. Im talking about perfect designs, every time! YUP! The #chalk transfers are #reusable. You need to be sure to wash the transfer with warm water, allow it to dry and you can reuse. You can get about 8 uses. There are surfaces that allow you to remove that chalk and apply a new one. This brings me to Club Couture. CC is all about a monthly subscription for only $19.99 with #free #shipping and no commitment necessary. You will get a NEW size B transfer (8x10) plus 3 color coordinating chalk paste singles. Every month, I get my new transfer, I get excited about all the different #crafts I can #create. You can earn money easily by having DIY classes, #facebook parties, sell finished crafts at craft fairs. the list goes on..... are you ready to create a life you love?

Here are all the links you need to help you get


Check out all the goodies in the starter kit:

or you can just #shop

Become a designer now. Do what you love and love what you do!

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