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If not Now, WHEN?

These are scary times that we are living in, am I right? When I step out, only for essentials, of course, its so deserted out there. I feel like I am in a movie after the zombie apocalypse, lol. Seriously though, this #quarantine has everyone going stir crazy. Its the way life has to be, for now anyways. I'm a #crafter at heart and since being #home, I figured, why not learn new #crafty things. I decided to try my hand at #chalkcouture and here I am to tell you what I learned:

FIRST and Foremost....


*the silkscreen transfers are REUSABLE & WASHABLE!

*if you get paste on your hands, just wash off

*there is a monthly club to receive a NEW Transfer with 3 coordinating chalk pastes w/ FREE SHIPPING!

*you can apply paste to mirrors, glass and wood surfaces

*there is also chalk paint for use on pillow cases, #t-shirts and tote bags

PLUS wait for it........if you want or need to make EXTRA #MONEY, this is a great way to start. The Kit costs $99.00 BUT the goodies in there are worth 2X that.

Ok now for the funner (is that a word) reasons that you need to try it:

Here are some reasons to craft:

*#Crafting can help bring a sense of calm to our customers

*You will have a sense of COMPLETING SOMETHING in this time of the unknown!!

*You are able to FORGET ABOUT THE WORLD while you are creating!!!!

*There is something for everyone

*You can get together with #FAMILY to complete a project

& What’s better than FAMILY TIME (best for last)

and so here it is, I became a Chalk Couture Designer and if you are interested in shopping and get crafty with it, click the links right here:




In Looney Tune fashion, That's All Folks! Because one would think these times that we are living in are pretty looney.

Please stay safe out there and if you want to learn how to create your very own 2-layer face mask, then head over to my IG page.

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