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Hold Up!

How are we in in beginning of June already?? I mean 6 months of the year is behind us, whoa! June has many wonderful happenings, especially the start of #Summer and who doesn't love Summer, right? There is also so many #occassions to #celebrate including #weddings #graduations #fathersday #familyvacations and another good oner, end of #school. There is something about Summer that makes people a little nicer, don't you think? At least, we like to think so. Time to relax and enjoy the #beach, the #pool eat ice cream or dine out, its your choice. So many options, so little time, pun intended, lol. What are your Summer plans? Mine consists of bartending in my tiki bar in my backyard. Make the best of the Summer months with your #family and #friends since before we know it, it will be Fall, Yikes, lol. Check out a few pics of my backyard--

Cornhole Anyone?

Seating Available....

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