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Don't just talk about it, BE about it

First of all, can I just point out that we are already 5 months into 2019! Soak that IN...right!! lol. Let's talk about the month of May. There are so many wonderful things about May that I love. First, there is Cinco de Mayo which I got to attended a Cinco de Mayo themed wedding shower, so cute! And if you know me, I love me a really good #margarita. The souvenir was the best-- check out pic below. Now we move on to #TeacherAppreciationweek and #NurseWeek, 2 professions which I truly admire. I have made it my business to show my appreciation to both and you should too. A simple thank you, goes such a long way. Check out my #thankyou gifts to those #teachers and #nurses in my life. Btw, I made my custom #gifts and #cards using my #cricut machine and simple #cardstock. Up next is #mothersday. Honestly, you should show your mom love and hugs as much as possible, however, on this day, we like to bring it up a notch and make her feel uber special. This year I was able to create my very own mothers day card, which I have always wanted to do:) Finally, we move onto Memorial Day - the unofficial start to Summer- Woo-hooo---but let's keep in mind that it is a day in which we remember and honor those who have died serving our country. I must mention one other happening in May-- My 10 Year Anniversary! So excited to celebrate 10 years married to the most amazing Husband and Father. Bottom line, try to BE all about showing your appreciation and love and remembrance.

The products I have used for these projects are available on Amazon-- Check them out: (patterned cardstock) (white cardstock) (gold vinyl used for nurse gift) (Cricut Maker)

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