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Cue the Confetti...

This was the first line I read when I opened my email from #michaelsstores. You can imagine my face as I kept reading that my first class has been published and I can start promoting it-- Say Whaaaaat --LOL.

Cool #story.. At this time last year, I was in my office awaiting the demise of my company as it began the merging process (not fun). I put in 21 years of my life there and if i have to be honest, I had no plans of leaving that place, lol. But #life has a funny way of bringing you to better things. One day at work, I decided I need to create my own fate. I kept hearing all about Cricut and all the great things it can help you #create so I purchased my first #cricut machine that included a starter bundle package. I wanted to see what the fuss was all about. This simple machine has made me into a never ending #handmade #crafter, and im loving it!! Like all I can think is "where have you been all my life!" Fast forward to now, I have my own small business, LalaIspired Designs. I create handmade crafts and love every project i create and owe it to my Cricut for bringing out that side that i never even knew existed!! I want to teach others everything I have learned and so they can get to know their #cricut machines and #designspace. They must know the great capabilities and endless possibilities. My next #class is coming up in 2 weeks, sooooo with that Yes, CUE the CONFETTI....again!


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