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Carol Marte
CEO, LalaInspired Designs
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Hi!! My name is Carol.  Cool story, I got my name CarolLALA some years ago listening to New York's number 1 Hit Music Station, Z100 when Carolina was on the morning show.  They always called her Carolalabablabla.  My family soon started calling me Carollala... and soon enough morphed into LalaInspired.  

I am happily married and we are blessed to have 3 amazing children whom we love and adore.  have always had a creative side in me but never had time to follow it through.  Enter 2019, and an opportunity to finally put my passion to create into action and here I am.

I discovered Cricut in January 2019 and it's a game changer.  I absolutely love it and have found a new passion for crafting and customizing everything:) I have also found a passion for Pallet Painting.  These farmhouse\ rustic wood signs will look better than store bought ones, especially customized ones.

In trying new things and opening my creative outlet, I recently joined Chalk Couture and became a Chalk Couture Designer.  Check out the newest DIY Craze that will make you want to say how can I make that.  You can purchase. my bundles, host a party for freebies or order your own DIY crafts.  This is also a money maker guys, just ask me how you can join me!

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